Blog posts from April 2017

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Planning as Dynamic as the Times

April 28, 2017

Dynamic times call for dynamic planning models. Rigid strategic plans created with three and five-year time horizons are not as useful as they were in the past. What is needed now is a new approach that focuses more on thoughtful planning rather than on the resulting plan itself.

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Get In The Game: Advocate

April 6, 2017

Regardless of a nonprofit’s unique mission and goals, legislative advocacy can be an effective tool to further the organization’s cause.  A nonprofit organization that is involved in legislative advocacy ultimately allow their members to see an active organization championing their cause. Here are three strategies to help propel your nonprofit organization's legislative advocacy efforts.

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To Plan or Not to Plan?

April 5, 2017

While traditional nonprofit theories suggest that every organization must have a strategic plan, there are several that don’t have one, in place.