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December 19, 2012


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I understand the value of supporting local efforts and communities - in aftermath of tragedy.
But now is the time especially for gasp, "political" action, not just sending a check to a worthwhile charity working on some aspect of community health and healing.
Don't we know what does need to happen to tangibly reduce the chance of another Newton CT, Aurora CO, etc?

1. Ban assault weapons.

2. Regulate the production and sale of high impact ammo.

3. Ban private group sales and fairs of guns. And/or mandate everyone! gets a background check.

4. Fix the national database of mentally dangerous persons to use for gun sale checks.

5. Hold gun owners more responsible whose guns irresponsibly wind up in the hands of killers.

6. Don't expect any national total ban on guns. Not realistic in USA.

7. Get responsible gun owners to step up and take the lead to get assault weapon and ammo ban. Make auto. weapons less welcome than fur as cigarettes or spitting in civil society.

8. Free up and fund the ATF to do their job.

9. Vigil at the NRA and engage them in peaceful dialogue to ask for change.

After you do one or more actual actions of the above, then write your check to deserving charity.
Your stop the slaughter check may need to go for lobbying or organizing and not purely charitable activity.

While I agree our personal and collective advocacy is absolutely necessary (I think I staed that toward the end of the blog), organizations that are helping young people deal with the issues they face on a daily basis are the first line of defense. The answer, as stated in the blog, is not either or, but a combination of both. And writing a check can be a very powerful action.

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