Fundraising Freak-Outs: Experts Weigh In at Foundation Center

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Are you “freaking out” because the year’s end is fast approaching and you still have fundraising goals to meet? Help is just around the corner.

Join us on Friday, October 16 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm for "Critical Strategies for Fundraising Success", when consultants Susan Kelly of Kelly Strategies and Emma Gilmore Kieran of Pilot Peak Consulting will share tips to avoid fundraising “freak-outs.”

This half-day interactive session will explore four mainstays of fundraising success: leadership, systems, case, and donors. Participants will learn how to develop a fundraising board, manage top donors, identify new donors, prepare a poignant one-page case for support, and build relationships that will lead to long-term fundraising success.

Along with step-by-step instruction for implementing each strategy, you’ll get tips, tricks, and templates that can be used each year to set up your fundraising program for success. This session will be most valuable for senior-level development leaders and will provide fresh insights to board members and executive directors.

For more information, hear firsthand what Susan and Emma have in-store for the intensive session, or click on the YouTube window below.

To learn more and register for our October 16 session, please visit our website.

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JEANETTE NORTON is the Community Outreach Manager at Foundation Center in Washington, DC.