How Pro Sports Teams Give Back

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Washington, DC is gearing up for football season!

The DC region gives a lot of support to our local professional teams. But what do the teams give back to us -- other than some frustrating seasons recently?

Several years ago, The Washington Post ran an article focused on charitable giving from DC area teams. Many professional sports teams set up foundations or giving programs to give back to their hometowns and their fans. This support may be offered in a variety of forms -- a cash donation, signed memorabilia for an auction, a public appearance by a team member at a fundraising event.

But how can you find out about the charitable efforts of your favorite team? You can find detailed profiles of your favorite team’s foundations and giving programs in our comprehensive database, Foundation Directory Online, which is available by subscription or for free public access in our DC library and local Funding Information Network partner locations. Keep in mind that some individual players also may have set up their own foundations to contribute to issues they care about personally.

Check it out – In Foundation Directory Online, use Search Grantmakers and enter the name of your favorite team in the Grantmaker Name field. For example, you will find information on charitable activities from the Redskins, Wizards, Mystics, Nationals, Capitals, and DC United.

Let's hope our local sports teams have a good season!

JANICE ROSENBERG is Senior Librarian at Foundation Center-Washington, DC.